"I had taken lessons about 15 years ago, not too many of them, just enough to be comfortable on a horse, but have not been on a horse since. I have 4 kids and spend most of my time doing everything for them. One day I really wanted to start lessons again and I made the phone call to your farm. My trainer called me back and she couldn't have put me more at ease. She was so friendly and encouraging, but the real test was still waiting, the lesson itself. I cannot say enough good things about my trainer. It was very hard to believe she is only 19 as she is very intuitive. She just seemed to know what I was thinking before I was, and was able to anticipate any problem I was about to get into. My daughter takes lessons at a different barn that her dad takes her to and I of course always pay attention to what her trainer tells her. My trainer's instructions not only seem easier, but they also make much more sense. It was such a pleasure working with my trainer, I feel I learned a lot from her, thank you for that opportunity. - Marilyn P.

"When coming to MPR Farms in March I knew immediately it would change a lot for us. My daughter had been begging for lessons for years and I knew nothing about horses. After being lead to the barn by a friend who rides there we fell hard for it and really hard. My daughter suffered from some emotional issues that were a result of another disability. She was lost. The barn gave us hope. She fell in love! Within weeks she was a new kid. She became very attached to her trainer and I believe it was her that really helped Ava through this tough time. Her trainer became that young lady who influenced all of Ava's thoughts about horses and riding. She looked forward to spending time with her over other things. Her trainer is so patient. Ava needs different ways of being taught and her trainer was able to adjust to helping Ava learn the best way for her. Her love and knowledge for riding and her passion to teach has helped Ava grow quickly in this new world of ours. As a mentor, trainer and new found friend I as Ava's mom owe a lot to her trainer. With her, the barn and Amy Ava's trainer I have my daughter back and I can't be thankful enough for that! Everyone at MPR Farms really cares not just about riding, but for the horses as well as "the barn family"!" -Melissa M.

"I started riding lessons when I was 9 years old & after those 9 years I felt that I was no longer learning anything new. That's when I was introduced to MPR. After riding with MPR for only a few short months I genuinely felt like a whole new rider. I am still learning new skills as well as relearning old skills that I felt were never properly communicated. Just when I thought I things couldn't get any better, I met the horse of my dreams. At first I was skeptical about buying a young horse but her temperament could not be overlooked. After consulting with a team of professionals & spending more time with the mare I was certain it would be the right choice. My mare and I share a bond so strong, our personalities mesh perfectly, she is the best thing to ever happen to me. Thanks to MPR I have not only taken my riding to levels I never thought possible, but I've made life long friends & found the horse of my dreams!" - Jamie S.

"Even though I have only started this program since the start of October 2013, I am completely fortunate and lucky to have found a place like this. Doing the working side of this program has given me more sense of responsibility then I have had in over 22 years, and for that I'm grateful. From making sure the horses get fed and have lots of water to making sure they are cozy and warm in the long winter nights, completing a shift makes me feel satisfied and extremely proud of myself. The student side is where the fun and learning comes to play. Even though I have learned the basics of how to ride from a prior barn I have learned so much from one of our creditable trainers. She has patience and is very knowledgeable. My trainer has given me confidence in my riding, although I just started out again from a 2 year hiatus I am excited to further my skills and continue the working student program as well as develop the friendships I have with the wonderful ladies of MPR." - Kaitlyn S.

"I was only 13 when I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. I am now 16 and until November of 2013 I couldn't find a therapy that would help me relax and unwind. Finding MPR was like a dream come true. Since I discovered MPR my life has changed tremendously. I consider the barn my second home and the MPR crew my family. In the beginning of every week I look forward to my lesson and even my work day. Just to be in the MPR atmosphere I feel a relief! Riding and working with the horses has helped me a great deal. As a rider I feel that I improve every lesson. I went from learning how to walk in November to cantering jumps in April! MPR is unbelievable and continues to exceed my expectations everyday." - Gabby K.

MPR Farms is an amazing place, Its peaceful and everyone there including the horses are so wonderful to be around. MPR is the place to be if you're looking to improve your skills and get over your fears. My trainer is an amazing teacher and has helped me conquer many fears on horseback. She has helped me fall and get back up and even jump a little bigger than usual. I have learned so much from my trainer and the horses there. I love going there and im always looking forward to my next lesson :)" - Arianna L.

"I have been riding at MPR Farms since June of 2010. I was welcomed with open arms into the MPR Family. I was immediately put into a lesson program that was customized to fit my goals and abilities. MPR’s amazing and compassionate teaching methods have brought me from a timid 16 year old just starting to jump to a confident 20 year old with the ability to jump around 3’+ on horses with ease. I have been given opportunities with MPR that I could have only dreamed of. I have able to work with and aide in training young, green horses, been able to learn natural horsemanship to improve my connection with my horses and fine tune my skills with professionally trained and schooled horses. MPR supports my growth as a rider and challenges me and my capabilities with each new lesson. Since becoming a member of MPR Farms I have competed in A-rated horseshows, participated in on property clinics, gone on Montauk Beach trail rides, participated in a Hunter Paces and attended local shows under the instruction of MPR. I have made bonds and friendships with the people at MPR Farms that will last a lifetime and have learned invaluable lessons from the trainers and horses not just about riding, but about life." - Katelyn M.

"As a little girl I always wanted my Daddy to put me on a pony. Any pony ride sign I saw we were there. My Mom & Dad also had a pony party for me in the backyard! At about 8yrs old my Mom signed me up for lessons at another barn. I felt like I was on a Merry Go Round ! I got there the horse was tacked and ready and at the end I was free to jump off and go. That was not what I was looking for I wanted hands on. To learn everything I could! Well my Aunt bought me lessons for my birthday with MPR. My first lesson was amazing at MPR Farms, they showed me the horses how to tack groom and helmut up. Off I went on my first lesson with MPR what a ride. I felt confident,safe and was absorbing everything I could. Before I knew it MPR had me in schooling shows which i've done well in. I now am learning to jump for shows. MPR has taught so much in the last three years. They have introduced me to several different horses whom I like to think fit me well. Learning that each one has they own personally strengths and steps. I know whatever path I take in life Horses will be a part of it. I will continue training with MPR as long as she'll have me. They challenge me to challenge myself and makes me stronger every lesson physically & mentally. MPR is a second family to me and I have made amazing friends who support , love and care for me." - Briana L.

Please be advised full names of our sources will be held to protect the privacy of our clients.